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Nine Things to Keep in Mind Before Playing in a Casino

Here at CasinoFever, we put a lot of emphasis on participating in online casino gaming. But we’re the first to confess that there’s a time and a place for going to brick-and-mortar casinos as well. There’s nothing quite like celebrating a special occasion with a loved one or a group of friends by spending the day or evening at a casino.

It’s normal to feel a little nervous while making your first trip to a real life casino. You may make a fool of yourself in online games without anyone noticing. However, making a social faux pas in a real-life casino might be even more humiliating.

We have compiled some guidelines for proper conduct at casinos to assist you avoid embarrassing situations. If you take the following tips to heart, you’ll be able to visit brick-and-mortar casinos with confidence and ease.

The number one piece of advice is to make sure you are dressed appropriately.

The casino’s dress code establishes the appropriate level of formality required of visitors. Different establishments have varying degrees of rigidity in their dress standards. In some cities, like Las Vegas, people may not mind if you show up in shorts and a t-shirt. At some events, you may be required to wear a suit.

Visit the venue’s website or give them a call ahead of time to inquire about the dress code. Doing so will allow you to dress appropriately and eliminate the possibility of being denied entry due to inappropriate attire, such as gym shoes or sweatpants.

Second Piece of Advice: Always Bring Your ID

If you plan on gambling in a casino, you should always have some sort of identification with you. This is especially crucial on your first visit, since you may be required to show evidence of age or identification before being accepted as a player. Once again, you should contact the venue in advance to find out what forms of identification will be accepted.

Thirdly, never wager actual money.

The assumption that they can wager cash is a common blunder made by first-time casino goers. It’s impossible for you to. Casino chips are used for wagering, and it is customary to purchase them from the establishment you’re visiting.

Some dealers at table games may be able to convert cash into chips on the fly, but it’s safest to presume that they can’t. Go ahead and buy your chips at the cashier’s cage before you even think about taking a seat at the table.

Fourthly, mind your manners.

Although you should feel at ease and enjoy yourself at a land-based casino, you should not humiliate yourself or ruin the experience for other players by acting inappropriately. The casino personnel and other patrons have the right to ask you to leave if you behave rudely toward them or the staff in any way, including by being overly loud or using inappropriate language.

5. Don’t beg for free stuff

Comps are freebies that certain casinos give out to players while others don’t. They might come in the form of free drinks, food, or even a few casino chips here and there. Wait to be offered or informed of these things by a member of staff; never ask for them. If complimentary tickets are not advertised, it’s likely because the venue does not have any to give out. The only time this won’t apply is if the casino specifically said that you may get free soft drinks by asking for them.

Sixth Piece of Advice:

It’s a good idea to observe other players at a table game like Blackjack/a> before you give it a try yourself. Observe how they communicate their decisions to the dealer by placing bets and so on. The dealer will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at that point. All of this is preferable to blindly stumbling through the game, and it will help you avoid major faux pas, like touching another player’s chips.

Playing advice is off-limits, so tip #7

Asking the dealer questions about the rules or mechanics of a game is fine, but asking for advice on how to play is strictly forbidden. Dealers risk losing their jobs if they offer players gambling advise (such as whether to Hit or Stand on a specific hand of Blackjack). Don’t involve the dealer in your decision-making process.

Advice #8: Don’t brag or complain.

You should have the good taste to enjoy yourself on both sides of the fence, as there are winners and losers in every casino game. When you win, you should celebrate but not brag because your fellow players may not have done as well. Likewise, if you lose, don’t complain otherwise the game will be ruined for everyone.

9. Tip the employees

One last bit of advice: always leave a gratuity for the casino workers. Your dealer, waiter, and anybody else who helps you have a wonderful time in the casino relies on tips from players like you to make up the difference in their incomes.

Keep in mind that the dealer’s only responsibility is to facilitate play. Even if you have a horrible gaming session, you should still tip the dealer because he or she has no control over your luck. The vendor should be given proper recognition if they accomplished a good job.






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